Our values


We maintain the commitment to always act honestly, honorably and with respect towards others.

Focus on results

We're committed to achieving results, mantaining highs standards, taking care of the reputation and image of the company.

Change and innovation

We add value to our company's processes and products, always looking for new ways of working.

Quality standars

We continually monitor our products to ensure they always meet our customers needs.


We look after our workers, always complying with our internal safety regulations and avoiding risks.


We take care of relationships, respect differences and care about the development of our team.

Aconcagua Foods and I'ts Collaborators

Ethics and transparency in our business relations

Fair trade

  • Aconcagua Foods is prepared to compete fairly, complying with all current regulations, both nationally and in the countries of destination of our products.
  • The company and its workers must comply at all times with the commercial and pricing policy in order to promote loyal marketing.

Consumers and clients

  • At Aconcagua Foods, we care about manufacturing products that comply with all current quality standards. We pay special attention to compliance with the established internal policies regarding safety, integrity, quality and legality.
  • In dealing with consumers and clients, there is no room for any type of corruption, bribery or favoritism or any other activity that threatens the integrity of Aconcagua Foods.


  • Aconcagua Foods and its workers should not accept gifts from suppliers, since this could generate subsequent obligations for those who receive them. Thus, it is prohibited to request or encourage benefits that come from current or potential suppliers.
  • Collaborators who negotiate the acquisition of goods and services must offer and demand equitable and honest treatment from suppliers in each transaction.
  • The choice of suppliers will be impartial and in accordance with rigorous criteria of quality, profitability and service.

Corporate social responsibility

Our objective is to establish and disseminate the ethical principles that guide the conduct of our collaborators in their daily work lives and our relation, as a company, with consumers, clients, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. All this under the following criteria:

  • We focus on honesty, respecting the company's property and assets.
  • The company and its workers will never engage in fraudulent or dishonest actions that affect the assets or financial records or accounting of Aconcagua Foods or a third party.
  • We guarantee the accuracy of all Aconcagua Foods business and financial records.
  • Workers must protect Aconcagua Foods assets by using them correctly, keeping them from damage, loss, fraud, theft and/or destruction.

It is the policy of Aconcagua Foods S.A. prevent a worker, independent of they hierarchy, from acting against the interests of the company, generating a conflict of interest.

Disallowed conduct:
  • Make use of confidential information.
  • Receive any type of payment or benefit from a competitor, supplier or customer.

Is responsibility of each worker who feels involved in a potential conflict of interest, to inform Human Resources.

  • The company and its workers must not offer or promise any improper personal or financial favor, or any other kind, with the objective of obtaining any advantage from a third party, whether public or private.
  • The company and its workers must not accept benefits in exchange for preferential treatment from a third party.
  • The company and its workers must refrain from engaging in any activity or conduct that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of bribery or corruption practices.

At Aconcagua Foods we are committed to honesty and integrity, which includes - in part - being attentive to preventing situations that may be related to:

  • Money laundering
  • Financing of terrorism
  • Bribery
  • Handling of stolen goods

Corporate social responsibility notes


We participate year after year in various activities especially aimed at children from the different communities that Aconcagua Foods can reach. In them we encourage the participation of our workers on a voluntary basis to share and encourage care for the environment. For these activities we focus on inviting mainly homes for minors at social risk, nursing homes and low-income schools.

Guided visits

Starting in 2019, our plant has been opened to guided tours for educational institutions with the aim of bringing the community closer to our company. We want to be participants in the training processes and be able to contribute to the development of students in their different areas and careers.

To date we have managed to receive nearly 800 students from multiple universities, mainly belonging to the Logistics Engineering, Business Administration and Agricultural careers.


Code of business ethics


Conflict of interest declaration form


Diversity and inclusion policy