Aconcagua in the world...

  • We maintain strategic relations with major global brands with a high level of service, closeness and productivity over the years.
  • We are present in +40 countries around the world thanks to our distribution system and our international strategic alliances.
  • We have increased the presence of our catalog internationally thanks to our commercial partner La Costeña, who since 2010 has supported us in the sale and distribution of our products.

Countries on 5 continents

Oasis of flavor

Our geography helps us deliver the best fruits of the earth.


We have one of the most rigorous health surveillance services in the world. The SAG is recognized worldwide as one of the most ruthless health control systems when it comes to preventing the introduction of diseases or pests from abroad, which may affect animals or plants and/or seriously damage national agriculture.

Southern Latitude

Aconcagua Foods is located in a strategic geographical position that gives us:
The best production of peaches: the Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing fruits and vegetables.
Off-season production: our latitude allows us availability of fruits and vegetables on dates when they are out of season in the countries of the northern hemisphere.
Natural health barriers: the South Pacific to the west and the Andes Mountains to the east, provide us with a natural “isolation” that prevents our production from being reduced by any type of bacteria, virus or plague.

AFSA presence in the world

Aconcagua Foods manages more than 40 brands on 5 continents, promoting strategic relations around the world.

  • Aconcagua
  • Carbotrol
  • Celebrity
  • Clemente Jacques
  • Compass
  • Comisariato
  • Del Monte
  • Delicias
  • Dewfresh
  • Don Agustin
  • Don Efe
  • Fruto Verde
  • Goya
  • Great Value
  • Gustadina
  • La Colina
  • La Costeña
  • La Esperanza
  • La Region
  • La Torre
  • Las Moreras
  • Levapan
  • Madison Brands
  • Monteverde
  • Natural Selección
  • San Jorge
  • Santa Mónica

  • Fruit preserves
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned legumes
  • Fruit jam
  • Tomato sauces
  • Ketchup
  • Sauces Dips
  • Fruit pulps
  • Frozen fruit
  • Frozen vegetables