Integrated Environmental and Energy Management System Policy

At Aconcagua Foods, it is crucial for us to stay current and continue to be leaders in the agro-industry by producing long-life foods based on fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Therefore, given the environmental and energy context, we have had to rethink our processes from a sustainable perspective, leading us to adopt a series of deep and long-term commitments that demonstrate our motivation to promote a healthier and more sustainable life.

As a multinational company, our efforts will be directed towards environmental protection by promoting alternatives to optimize energy and water consumption and making our production processes more efficient. We will promote a circular operation by utilizing our biodegradable waste, as well as recycling our liquid and solid waste; all actions aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

Additionally, we will enhance a proactive environmental culture, involving our employees, consumers, clients, and suppliers in respecting the environment.

This management is committed to providing the necessary information and resources to achieve the objectives and goals of the Integrated Environmental and Energy Management System.

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R. SIG024-v001. Fecha Ed: 05/10/2023

Our Cornerstones

Environmental Care

We aim to optimize resource usage and waste management with a focus on pollution prevention.

Energy Efficiency

We will promote projects that seek to optimize Aconcagua Foods' energy consumption from both an acquisition and design perspective.

Legal Compliance

We will regularly review our legal compliance obligations relevant to the Integrated Environmental and Energy Management System to establish short-term action plans.

Continuous Improvement

We will continuously monitor and analyze the indicators of the Integrated Environmental and Energy Management System to make our processes more environmentally friendly over time.

Our actions

Our packaging has been designed aiming to increase its recyclability and thus generating the lowest possible environmental impact.
Likewise, our products have the vegan seal, which guarantees regulation in the production and packaging processes so that no material of animal origin is used in them.

Inside our plant we have a recycling yard, in which the solid waste generated by the activity carried out daily at AFSA is segregated to be recycled. Likewise, biodegradable waste is delivered for composting to external companies authorized by the pertinent entity.

Additionally, all pollutants are declared to the authority in the Single Window system of the Registry of Emissions and Transfers of Pollutants (RETC).

We have implemented telemetry irrigation systems which enhance the good use of water resources, helping us maintain our plantations with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Due to the implementation of the ISO 50,001 certification, Aconcagua has been working on our energy profile to address opportunities for improvement in our production processes.

Our goal is to make our processes more efficient while, at the same time, reducing the energy expenditure produced by them. A good example of this is the recovery of boiler blowdowns, which helps us significantly reduce our natural gas consumption.

We have a water treatment plant that has a biological purification system, which allows us to treat our liquid industrial waste and return it clean to its natural ecosystem.